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Proven Seismic Solutions for Transportation Structures

Strengthening Bridges with Comprehensive Seismic Solutions

In partnership with SHO-BOND and DYNAMIC ISOLATION SYSTEMS, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES integrates innovative products with specialty design expertise to deliver the industry’s highest performing seismic solutions.

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Products & Engineering Support

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES delivers value-added solutions by developing and integrating unique products and engineering support with repair and construction services. We are the exclusive supplier of VSL post-tensioning and stay cable products in the US. With national coverage, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES has addressed the structural needs of projects in all 50 states.

Comprehensive Solution

  • Inspection support
  • Product systems
  • Engineering support

Partnership with Seismic Specialists

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Japan’s largest infrastructure repair and reinforcement specialty company, repairing a total of 100,000 bridges in the last 60 years.

Prominent projects include:

  • Kobe Ohashi
  • Nanadaru Spriral Bridge
  • Higashi Kobe Ohashi
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Dynamic Isolation Systems

Pioneer in seismic isolation technology, providing over 27,500 isolators for over 500 projects worldwide over the last 40 years.

Prominent US bridge projects include:

  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Coronado Bridge
  • Woodrow Wilson Bridge

State-of-the-Art Seismic Solution


STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES provides clients with innovative technologies aimed at enhancing the resilience of bridges and ensuring their functionality and serviceability after an earthquake.

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Superior alternative to Shear Key & Bumper Block  solutions to resist excessive displacements of the superstructure and secure post-earthquake functionality in case an existing bearing fails.

Over 28,000 Shearing Stoppers have been installed over the last 15 years.

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With over 33,000 installed in Japan over the last 10 years, the unseating prevention device capable of alleviating impact force and following traverse movements, and has been demonstrated to perform well under repeated loading.

Lead Rubber Bearing


This durable seismic isolator decouples the superstructure from the substructure and absorbs the seismic energy transferred to the substructure to protect a bridge from the destructive effects of earthquakes.

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While a primary objective of bridge seismic retrofit projects is safeguarding lives by preventing collapse of the structure, maintaining or quickly restoring operation of the bridge for emergency vehicles and the traveling public is another important goal. It’s essential to reinforce the bridge’s substructure; however, even if the substructure is sturdy, there is still a risk of the superstructure unseating from it.

Additionally, if the superstructure experiences excessive movement, it could cause severe damage to the structure, which would render the bridge unusable for an extended period after an earthquake, as evidenced in past earthquakes.

To address this, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES offers Shearing Stoppers and Restraining Chains to restrict excessive movement of bridge girders and prevent unseating of the superstructure.


Conventionally designed structures rely on an inelastic response in select structural elements to dissipate earthquake energy, which results in permanent damage to the structure.

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES offers an alternative design approach that incorporates isolation technology to safeguard the structure against the devastating effects of an earthquake.

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STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES upgrades bridges that are susceptible to large earthquakes. Alongside our Shearing Stopper, Restraining Chain, and Lead Rubber Bearing solutions, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES offers an extensive line of products to restore or enhance the load-carrying capacity and seismic performance of the substructure and superstructure including carbon fiber FRP jacketing to improve plastic hinge ductility and reinforcement lap splice confinement. Our systems can be used stand-alone or combined together to solve nearly any project requirement.


Seismic Retrofit and Repair Engineering Support 

Seismic Retrofit and Repair Engineering Support

  • Change in Code
  • Seismic Solutions
  • Increased Loads
  • Missing or Misplaced Reinforcement
  • Deterioration
  • Low Concrete Strength
  • New Penetrations & Openings
  • Force Protection

Design-Assist & Engineered Product Support

  • Investigation Support
  • Solution Development
  • Budget Development
  • Specification Assistance
  • Constructability Consulting
  • Application Engineering
  • Quality Control Programs
  • Project-Specific Design-Assist

Seismic Retrofit & Repair Team Leader

Read more about our products and applications on our  strengthening and force protection solution builder page.

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Tarek Alkhrdaji, PhD, P.E.

Seismic Retrofit and Repair Installation Services

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STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ contracting companies have offices across the United States and the Middle East – providing industry-leading repair and construction services to make structures stronger and last longer. When installing STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ seismic solutions, our contracting companies provide our clients with the reassurance that our technology solutions are being installed by experienced professionals with the highest standards for quality control and safety.


Integrated Investigate-Design-Build Solutions

Combining repair and construction services, engineered products and engineering support services in conjunction with its engineering partners, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ companies provide an integrated Investigate-Design-Build (IDB) approach to provide a seamless process from initial design through installation with single-source responsibility.


STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES is firmly committed to its mission of making structures stronger and last longer. In 2023, we established a partnership with SHO-BOND and DYNAMIC INSOLATION SYSTEMS. Together, we work to develop and integrate products, engineering support, repair, and maintenance services to deliver value-added solutions to owners, engineers, and contractors.


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