t’pot™ Tensile Pull Off Tester

t’pot™ Tensile Pull Off Tester

The t’pot™ Tensile Pull Off Tester covers a variety of pull test procedures for evaluating the tensile strength of a substrate material or the bond strength of a repair or overlay material. Pull off testings are used on many different substrates and repair materials. The t’pot™ is simple to use, with a self-aligning base that can be applied on various surfaces. Always refer to the specified test method or details on dolly size, load rate and test time.


  • Durable Handheld test unit for field and lab
  • Most affordable pull tester capable of applying a uniform tensile force at constant rate
  • Easy to read dial gauge with max. hand to record max. force
  • Self-aligning base to apply loads perpendicular to substrate
  • Variable dolly size: 2 inch or 3 inch
  • Removable magnetic hand crank
  • Safety wrist strap connector
  • Easy to interpret stroke indication pin


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t'pot™ Product Information

Stroke Indication Pin

The stroke indication pin species the applied tension on the dolly. The pin moves upwards while the hand crank is turned in the + direction. For each pull off test reset the stroke indication pin to 0 or start position by turning in the – direction.

stroke pin

The load rate charts below show an example of a loading rater and time to maximum force for 200 psi failure, based on ICRI loading recommendation.

load rate graphic