Spall Protection System

Concrete Protection & Spalling Solutions

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ concrete deterioration and spall prevention system protects concrete infrastructure owners from safety hazards which can affect people and property.


SHO-BOND Hybrid Sheet

We have partnered with SHO-BOND, a turnkey provider of solutions for repair and upgrade of infrastructure in Japan, to bring a unique concrete deterioration and spall prevention product system to the US. The SHO-BOND Hybrid Sheet has two main features: (1) blocking a variety of concrete degradation causes – corrosion, carbonization and freeze thaw and (2) preventing concrete spalls.

The SHO-BOND Hybrid Sheet is an innovative solution for managing concrete infrastructure used throughout Japan. This externally applied system has been utilized for many years with over 8.6 million square feet installed. Infrastructure owners and their consultants use this novel system to reduce the lifecycle cost of infrastructure and stop potential disruption, safety hazards and risks created by spalling concrete.

Installation of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ products and systems, including the SHO-BOND Hybrid Sheet, is provided by certified applicators using the highest industry standards for quality control and jobsite safety programs.