Barrier Cable Systems

Barrier Cable Systems for Vehicular and Pedestrian Protection

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES offers engineers and contractors a comprehensive range of barrier cable systems and design support services for vehicular and pedestrian barrier needs. Our systems are compliant with all International Building Code standards and feature galvanized 0.5” strands. We also provide turnkey packages including design, fabrication and installation.

We furnish, install and repair all barrier cable system components, including:

  • Post-Tensioning Strand
  • External Anchoring Devices
  • Plates & Wedge Sets
  • Stressing Equipment
  • Fire Resistant Materials & Intumescent Fire Protection


  • Aesthetic alternatives to traditional systems
  • Less expensive than precast panels, traditional cast-in-place or concrete masonry barriers
  • Alternative replacement to traditional disposable safety cables

VSL 2C Whitetext

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES is the exclusive manufacturer of VSL post-tensioning products and construction systems in the United States. Our manufacturing facilities in the United States are certified by PTI’s Plant Certification Program to ensure the highest quality fabrication of materials.


Barrier Cable System Types

We offer a variety of barrier cable systems – with the ability to package total system design, supply, and installation to fit the needs of each project. Our highly trained technicians also provide repair and replacement of existing systems.

barrier cable external
External Systems

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ external barrier cables are typically installed post construction with T5 Barrel Anchor systems that are capped. The system typically consists of externally mounted posts or brackets.


  • New Structures
  • Retrofit / Existing Structures


  • Can be Architechturally Enhanced
  • Adaptable to As-built Conditions
barrier cable internal
Internal / Embedded Systems

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ internal barrier cable system uses embedded anchors and sleeves. This system is installed during construction.


  • New Structures


  • Ease of Installation
  • Economical
barrier cable torque
No Stressing Access Systems

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ no stressing access systems use specialty barrier cable anchorages in scenarios where there is no adequate access for stressing the systems like shear wall locations and for repair conditions.


  • New Structures
  • Retrofit / Existing Structures


  • Aesthetics
  • No Backseating Force

Post-Tensioning Engineering Support

Post-Tensioning Expertise

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ post-tensioning specialists are committed to bringing innovation to complex projects. Our in-house design professionals have extensive experience in structural design and are active members of technical organizations such as the Post Tensioning Institute (PTI) and the American Concrete Institute (ACI).

Post-Tensioning Team Leader

Read more about our products and applications on our post-tensioning solution builder page

john cringler headshot
Design-Assist & Engineered Product Support

• Investigation Support
• Solution Development
• Budget Development
• Specification Assistance
• Constructability Consulting
• Application Engineering
• Quality Control Programs
• Project-Specific Design-Assist


• Preliminary Designs
• Feasibility Studies
• Budget Development
• Optimization of Structural Geometry
• Specification Development


• P-T System Selection
• Customized P-T System Design
• P-T Element Design & Detailing Support
• Integrated Shop Drawings & Building Information Modeling (BIM)
• Quality Control Plan Development


• P-T System Installation Support
• Project Coordination
• Manufacturing & Material Supply
• Equipment Rental
• Safety Planning