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STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES is the exclusive manufacturer of VSL post-tensioning products and construction systems in the United States. VSL systems have a well-earned reputation for their quality, reliability, and durability – and have been used throughout the world since 1956 to build, repair, and strengthen buildings, tanks, transportation and special structures. Our manufacturing facilities in the United States are certified by PTI’s Plant Certification Program to ensure the highest quality fabrication of materials.

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Post-Tensioning Products

Unbonded Monostrand Post-Tensioning Systems

Unbonded Monostrand Post-Tensioning Systems
We offer a variety of anchorages and corrosion protection features for both 0.5” and 0.6” strands allowing great flexibility in meeting design and durability requirements.

Bonded Slab P-T

Bonded Slab P-T
Our bonded slab systems utilize flat ducts to reinforce slabs as thin as 5”. Bonded slab systems offer maximum durability while also allowing for future modifications

Barrier Cable Systems

Cable Systems
High-performance composite system designed for extreme load resistance and energy absorption.

Shear Reinforcement

Shear Reinforcement
Solution for shear transfer at column/slab connections – eliminating conventional solutions, such as rebar stirrups, column capitals, and drop panels.

Bonded Multistrand P-T

Bonded Multistrand P-T
We offer a variety of anchorages that can be designed to hold up to 55 strands in duct, and encased in grout to provide optimum corrosion protection.

Customized P-T Systems

Customized P-T Systems
We adapt existing post-tensioning systems or develop unique systems for specific engineering challenges.

Strengthening with P-T

Strengthening with Post-Tensioning
High strength prestressed reinforcement used for significant load increases as well as reduction of cracking and deflection.

DuraStor™ Prestressed Tanks

DuraStor™ Prestressed Tanks
Prestressed concrete tanks reinforced with P-T tendons to actively reinforce the structure and significantly enhance watertightness and long-term durability.

Related Products & Services

Stay Cable System

Stay Cable System
Modular stay cable system to meet the requirements demanded for the design, construction and maintenance of cable-stayed and suspended bridges.

Cable Armor Protection

Cable Armor Protection
Design, manufacturing and installation of cable protection systems that can be adjusted for a wide-range of applications.

Bridge Erection & Construction Systems

Bridge Erection & Construction Systems
Construction of large bridges and related infrastructure with specialized construction systems including equipment, gantries and engineering support.

Heavy Lifting

Heavy Lifting
Our heavy lifting systems provide an effective solution for projects in which cranes or other conventional equipment cannot be used because of excessive weight, dimensions, or space limitations.

Technical Report Series

VSL International has edited and published this series of reports that provide valuable information on post-tensioned concrete applications and best practices

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Grouting of PT Tendons PDF
Post-Tensioned in Buildings PDF
Post-Tensioned Slabs PDF
Detailing for Post-Tensioned PDF
Post-Tensioned Masonry Structures PDF
External Post-Tensioning PDF
Concrete Storage Structures PDF
Floating Concrete Structures PDF
Post-tensioned Foundations PDF
Ground Anchors PDF
Incremental Launching Method – Concrete Bridge Construction PDF
Prestressed Pressure Tunnels PDF
Soil and Rock Anchors PDF

VSL News Archive

View issues of the VSL News Magazine – published by VSL International and highlighting projects around the world as well as innovations in post-tensioning technology.

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Post-Tensioning Engineering Support

Post-Tensioning Expertise

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ post-tensioning specialists are committed to bringing innovation to complex projects. Our in-house design professionals have extensive experience in structural design and are active members of technical organizations such as the Post Tensioning Institute (PTI) and the American Concrete Institute (ACI).

Post-Tensioning Team Leader

Read more about our products and applications on our post-tensioning solution builder page

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Design-Assist & Engineered Product Support

• Investigation Support
• Solution Development
• Budget Development
• Specification Assistance
• Constructability Consulting
• Application Engineering
• Quality Control Programs
• Project-Specific Design-Assist


• Preliminary Designs
• Feasibility Studies
• Budget Development
• Optimization of Structural Geometry
• Specification Development


• P-T System Selection
• Customized P-T System Design
• P-T Element Design & Detailing Support
• Integrated Shop Drawings & Building Information Modeling (BIM)
• Quality Control Plan Development


• P-T System Installation Support
• Project Coordination
• Manufacturing & Material Supply
• Equipment Rental
• Safety Planning