StrongPIPE® XPT Post-Tensioning System

StrongPIPE® XPT™ External Post-Tensioning System

In cases where pipeline segments in need of repair or upgrade cannot be shut down, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ StrongPIPE®  XPT™ External Post-Tensioning System is an effective, engineered solution.

The StrongPIPE® XPT™ External Post-Tensioning System utilizes steel tendons around the exterior circumference of an existing pipe. A StrongPIPE® XPT™ tendon consists of high-strength steel strand, coated and sheathed in extruded plastic for corrosion protection, and an anchorage assembly. The strand is looped around the host pipe and stressed at the anchorage utilizing hydraulic jacks. All of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ StrongPIPE® XPT™ Systems feature VSL hardware components.

The StrongPIPE® XPT™ System is highly customizable – there are a variety of anchorages and strand that may be manufactured to accommodate 42 inch diameter and above pipelines. STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES assists with developing complete design, and field installation of the StrongPIPE® XPT™ System is available through our parent company’s specialty contracting partners.


System Features

  • Standard production is for pipe with internal diameter 42 inches and above. For diameters below 30 inches (760 mm), please contact STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES.
  • Particularly well-suited for prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) and suitable for other pipe materials
  • No access to the pipeline interior required
  • Corrosion resistant encapsulated strand and anchorage improves durability and provides long operational life
  • Rapid installation process
  • Variable structural capacity, depending on location in pipe
  • Fits straight and curved pipe sections
  • Withstands design operating pressure


  • Restores full functional capacity of pipe under pressure
  • Can be used to upgrade/increase the structural capacity
    of an existing pipe (undamaged) allowing increased
    pressure and commensurate fluid flow rate
  • Increases hoop strength


  • Work performed while pipeline remains in service
  • Excellent for localized repairs
  • Minimal downtime and impact to operations
  • All access to pipe from outside of pipe
  • When performed in conjunction with pipe excavation,
    repairs of damaged concrete is accomplished

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