StrongPIPE® PALTEM® Flow-Ring System

StrongPIPE® PALTEM® Flow-Ring System

StrongPIPE® PALTEM® Flow-Ring System* is a rehabilitation system which is installed in medium to large diameter pipelines. This specialized pipeline repair system delivers a semi or fully-structural long-term upgrade to pipelines of all shapes and a wide range of sizes, and performs exceptionally well in aggressive wastewater applications.

The PALTEM® Flow-Ring System is a long-term renewal system which is installed for spot repair or extended runs of pipelines in diameters of 36-inches or greater. The Flow-Ring System can be designed with some contribution from the host pipe, as a composite design, or with no reliance on the host pipe, as a fully structural repair.

StrongPIPE® PALTEM® Flow-Ring is a specialized reinforced composite lining for gravity, sewer, and storm water pipes and is an effective solution for culvert upgrades. The system design, provided by STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, is based on the pipe diameter and operating conditions of the pipelines.

StrongPIPE® PALTEM® Features:

  • Well-suited for wastewater applications on gravity, storm sewers and culverts
  • Performs well on round, rectangular and any odd-shaped pipe
  • Semi- or fully-structural repair system
  • Long-term lifecycle extension of pipeline assets, 50-year design life
  • Utilized for spot repair and extended reaches of pipe, fits straight and curved pipe sections
  • No excavation needed – access through standard manholes

StrongPIPE® PALTEM® Flow-Ring System Components:

  1. Existing Pipe: PALTEM® System can be custom designed to fit nearly any shape of pipe
  2. Steel Ring: Laser-cut to conform to cross section shape, quarter-ring bars to assemble
  3. Fitting Strip: HDPE strip identically manufactured with water stop rubber
  4. Surface Strip: HDPE strip identically manufactured to join with fitting strip
  5. High-Strength Specialty Grout: Provides a durable, chemical resistant surface in direct contact with pipe contents
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