Nuclear Repair & Maintenance Educational Presentations

Nuclear Repair & Maintenance Educational Presentations

As a technology company focused on making infrastructure stronger and last longer, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES provides access to recognized subject matter experts (SMEs) who deliver seminars specifically addressing the repair and protection of civil and structural infrastructure at nuclear facilities. Our SMEs and nuclear market specialists will work with you to ensure our educational session are tailored to meet your needs and the safety and quality concerns of the nuclear industry.

Water Systems

Safety-Related and Non-Safety Pipeline Rehabilitation 

  • Buried Piping (Safety & Non-Safety)
  • Above-Ground Piping (Safety & Non-Safety)
  • Process Piping
beam repair 4

Investigate-Design-Build Repair, Task Management & Maintenance Strategies

  • Condition assessments
  • Value engineered strategies for online & offline maintenance & rehabilitation
  • Modeling & asset management
Concrete Corrosion 1

Concrete Repair & Corrosion Control

  • Basics of embedded steel corrosion in reinforced concrete
  • Corrosion control in new & existing structures
  • Extending the life of concrete structures through cathodic protection
Equipment Foundations

Improving Reliability with Equipment Foundation Rehabilitation

  • Deterioration mechanisms for pumps, compressors & rotating equipment foundations
  • Repair techniques for base plates, anchor bolts & grout

Groundwater Intrusion & Mitigation

  • Understand groundwater intrusion mechanisms
  • Effective use of specialty grouts
  • Techniques to control groundwater and moisture intrusion

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