Repair & Maintenance Industrial Presentations

Repair & Maintenance Industrial Presentations

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES hosts a variety of presentations designed to provide education on civil and structural infrastructure topics. Request an educational session with our subject matter experts for a presentation that provides valuable insight and course material addressing the specific needs of your facility. As a registered continuing education systems provider of AIA, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES can provide 1 LU for each course below.

Sessions can be requested as in-person meetings or webinars:

In Person


One of our subject matter experts will join you and your team at your facility to present a custom presentation to address your company’s needs. You will have the opportunity to speak to us about questions and concerns you may have regarding civil and structural infrastructure at your plant as well as be educated on the subject of your choice. Lunch is provided.



We also offer webinar versions of our educational sessions. Schedule a live session with one of our subject matter experts who will present a custom webinar to you and your team. These webinars still allow the flexibility to have a discussion with our team regarding any questions or concerns at your facility.

Presentations We Offer

Corroded Pedestal2

Concrete Repair & Maintenance Strategies

Learn how to improve safety and reliability in industrial facilities by mitigating issues with concrete structures. Understand basic concepts of how reinforced concrete is constructed, common problems, and best practices for repair, protection and maintenance within industrial and power generation facilities.

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Concrete Repair & Protection: Coatings & Linings

Overview of barrier protection systems for reinforced concrete in industrial and power environments. Presentation will describe the types of systems commonly used and outline best practices for system selection and installation.

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Concrete Repair & Protection: Cathodic Protection

Overview of cathodic protection systems used for the protection of reinforcing steel in concrete. Presentation will overview galvanic and impressed current systems along with case studies in industrial and power facilities.

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Fireproofing Fundamentals

Learn about the different types of fire protection systems for steel structures including active and passive systems. Presentation will overview common deterioration mechanisms and repair and replacement techniques.

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Civil / Structural Infrastructure Management Systems

Learn about risk-based inspection programs for civil and structural infrastructure to identify safety hazards and to improve planning and budgeting for additional repairs throughout an entire facility or unit.

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Condition Assessment Techniques for Civil & Structural Infrastructure

Detailed overview of various techniques for assessing structures in the industrial and power environment. Presentation will explain non-destructive and semi-destructive testing methods as well as advanced testing to predict service life of structures with and without repair and maintenance programs.

drone inspection

Condition Assessment with Drones and 3D Modeling

Learn about advancements in technology – including the use of drones and 3D modeling to safely and efficiently assess and long-term asset management for large industrial and power infrastructure such as chimneys, stacks, natural draft cooling towers, silos and more.

Concrete Fire Damage Assessment

Investigation & Repair of Fire Damaged Reinforced Concrete Structures

This presentation will explain the behavior of reinforced concrete when exposed to fire and overview traditional and phased approaches to evaluate and design repair programs to return structures to service.


Investigate-Design-Build Repair & Maintenance Strategies 

Overview of the Investigate-Design-Build (IDB) approach that maximizes owner investments for repair and maintenance projects. This presentation will overview the process and case studies for Industrial and Power infrastructure.

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Investigate-Design-Build Repair & Maintenance Strategies for Coking Units

Overview of the Investigate-Design-Build (IDB) approach that maximizes owner investments for repair and maintenance projects. This presentation will overview the process and case studies specific to delayed coking units.

SRU Resized

Investigate-Design-Build Repair & Maintenance Strategies for Sulfur Recovery Units

Overview of the Investigate-Design-Build (IDB) approach that maximizes owner investments for repair and maintenance projects. This presentation will overview the process and case studies specific to molten sulfur containment structures.

Polyshield A

Improving Reliability with Equipment Foundation Repair

Learn how foundation problems can cause vibration issues with pumps, compressors and other rotating/reciprocating equipment in facilities. This presentation will highlight foundation basics / trends, investigation methods, vibration analysis and common repair techniques.

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Precast Polymer Pump Foundations Improve Equipment Performance

Overview of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ precast polymer concrete foundation and baseplate system – which can reduce installation and maintenance costs and improve mechanical performance with vibration damping and corrosion resistance. This presentation will overview features and benefits as well as the rapid installation process.

Pipe Resized

Repair, Maintenance & Renewal of Piping Systems

This presentation will cover the use of composites and other technologies for the long-term repair of process piping and below grade pipe and water systems in industrial and power generation facilities. Users will learn about the various technologies available and overview the design and installation process.


Inspection and Repair of Mechanical Draft Cooling Towers

Presentation will overview common problems with reinforced concrete elements of mechanical draft cooling towers. Learn about different ways to assess and repair while cooling towers are both online and offline.

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