ElectroTechCP™ Metalizing Systems

Metalized Cathodic Protection (MCP) Systems for Concrete

Utilizing commercially available and patented anode alloys, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ metalized cathodic protection systems are designed to deliver corrosion protection to embedded reinforcing steel in concrete through the galvanic process.

When connected to reinforcing steel in concrete, a metalized anode system delivers a uniform protective current. Simple to operate, these systems do not require external power and offer lower lifecycle costs compared to other methods of cathodic protection. A metalized surface may also be coated for aesthetic purposes or to provide additional protection.

Metalized Protective Coatings for Steel and Metals

Steel and other metals exposed to corrosive environments benefit from the unique protective characteristics of thermal spray technology. STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES works with engineers, owners, and operators to select the appropriate thermal sprayed coating that best protects the specific structure. Selection factors include the material composition of the structure and the associated corrosive contents of a structure and/or the surrounding atmospheric environment that the structure is exposed to on a daily basis

Coating Metalizing E1524143029453

Sprayed anode coating conforms to any type of concrete structural component. Array of alloys available for various environments.

Metalizing Shelf Angle E1524143701620

Adheres strongly to the concrete substrate ensuring the anode remains in place for the life of the system.

Easy to maintain
Metalizing Concrete Column E1524143141640

Systems do not require external power, are visually inspectable, and allow for application of additional coating materials in the future without disrupting the structure.

Thermal Spray Coating Materials

Thermally sprayed coatings are obtained by melting a material, atomizing it into small particles and propelling these on to a prepared substrate. The resulting coating cools down and forms a barrier with unique characteristics. These include strong bonds and resistance to atmospheric corrosion, high temperatures, corrosion, and chemical attack.

Thermal spray coatings of zinc, aluminum and their alloys are chosen to protect steel for a number of reasons including both their resistance to corrosion in atmospheric environments. and because they act as a sacrificial coating that protects the steel galvanically. Specialty alloys based on nickel, chromium, and other proprietary alloys are selected for high temperature and erosion corrosion typically present in flue gas path environments. Our corrosion engineers assist in selecting the proper coating that may include:

  • Corrspray®
  • Zinc
  • Aluminum
  • Zinc/Aluminum 85-15
STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES is the exclusive supplier of Corrspray® The trade name Corrspray® and patents are owned by Corrpro Companies, Inc.
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Installation Method

These systems are typically installed using the wire arc method, a process where two wires of metal are energized and melted, then propelled towards a prepared surface at a high speed to create a dense coating that adheres strongly to the substrate.

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES provides installation support to qualified contractors which includes equipment, materials, expert technical field support, as well as quality assurance / quality control.

When teamed with our specialty contracting companies – STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES provides owners and operators a turnkey investigate-design-build approach from a single source of accountability.

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Corrosion Control Engineering Support

Comprehensive Support

Our solution-building teams have the experience to assist in developing a range of alternatives, and provide a range of services including investigation support, solution development, cost and constructability consulting, and design assistance to help project teams select the best potential solution.

Corrosion Control Team Leader

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Design-Assist & Engineered Product Support

• Investigation Support
• Solution Development
• Budget Development
• Specification Assistance
• Constructability Consulting
• Application Engineering
• Quality Control Programs
• Project-Specific Design-Assist

Investigation Support

Investigation Support
Field technical assistance
Advanced corrosion testing
Service-life modeling

Design Support

Design Support
System selection
Specification assistance
System design

Installation Support

Installation Support
Installation specifications
Construction QA/QC
System commissioning


Routine inspections & maintenance
Remote monitoring to ensure & adjust performance