ElectroTechCP™ C-Wall System

Galvanic Cathodic Protection System for Sea Wall Restoration

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ ElectroTechCP™ C-Wall System is a unique solution for restoration and long-term protection of sea wall piles and other marine structures. The system was developed as a means of providing corrosion control and repair in a single, efficient installation. The ElectroTechCP™ C-Wall System may be fabricated into any size, shape or color. Made from a specialized concrete composite, the system features a durable, impact-resistant outer shell. The shell is lined with an expanded zinc mesh anode that provides galvanic cathodic protection to steel piles or embedded concrete reinforcement.

System Advantages

• Ease and speed of installation cuts installation time and cost
• Protection self-adjusts to temperature, humidity, and concrete resistivity
• Steel reinforcement protection for up to 25 years

• Does not require an external power supply — maintenance free
• Commercially available with minimal lead time
• Based on proven technology with over 20,000 installations worldwide

System Features

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Delivers Optimal Protection

The ElectroTechCP™ C-Wall System is maintenance-free — its protective current output self-adjusts to meet changes in temperature, humidity, concrete resistivity and a number of other factors, delivering optimum corrosion protection to the structure at all times.

Repairs, Strengthens, Protects

In addition to providing corrosion protection, the stay-in-place ElectroTechCP™ C-Wall System serves as a form for placement of cementitious repair materials for cross-section loss, adding or restoring capacity to a structure.

Easy to Install

Unlike traditional repairs to concrete or steel piles, installation of the ElectroTechCP™ C-Wall System is simple — it arrives with no assembly required. The system is mechanically fastened to the structure, the zinc mesh is connected to the steel and then the annular space is filled with concrete material. STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES provides turnkey installation through our contracting companies.

Technical Data

Electrical Conductivity 27% IACS
Zinc Mesh Weight 7.8 kg/m2 (1.6 lb/ft2)
System Weight 17.1 kg/m2 (3.5 lb/ft2)
Average Open Area of Zinc 53%
Current Capacity 738 A-hr/kg (335 A-hr/lb)
Typical Life Expectancy 25 years, minimum
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