Corrosion Control

Solutions for Corrosion of Reinforced Concrete & Steel

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES integrates proprietary products and systems with specialized investigative and design support services to provide solutions for controlling corrosion in reinforced concrete and steel infrastructure.

We offer a full suite of systems,  including both impressed current and galvanic solutions,  to accommodate a wide range of structural life expectancies, budgets, design considerations and maintenance requirements. Our products can be used stand-alone or in combination to solve complex project challenges.

When installing STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ corrosion control products and systems, our repair and maintenance companies provide our clients with the reassurance that our technology solutions are being installed by experienced professionals with the highest standards for quality control and safety.

Corrosion Control Products & Systems

ElectroTechCP™ Impressed Current Cathodic Protection

ElectroTechCP™ ICCP Systems
Driven and controlled by proprietary power and monitoring devices that deliver and monitor precise levels of protective current to concrete and masonry embedded steel.

LifeJacket® Galvanic Cathodic Protection

LifeJacket® Galvanic CP
Custom fabricated fiberglass jackets with zinc alloy mesh anode that is proven to stop corrosion by providing an electrical current to the affected region. More than 20,000 units installed in various locations – all with zero defects after 20+ years of installation.

ElectroTechCP™ Metalized Cathodic Protection Systems

ElectroTechCP™ Metalized Cathodic Protection Systems
Proprietary anode alloys thermally sprayed to external surfaces to protect reinforcing steel in concrete or steel elements encapsulated in cementitious material.

ElectroTechCP™ C-Wall System

ElectroTechCP™ C-Wall System
A unique solution for restoration and long-term protection of sea wall piles and other marine structures.

Technical Data

Product NameProduct DescriptionTechnical Data Sheet
Corrspray® Metalizing AnodeThermally sprayed galvanic anode for the cathodic protection of reinforced concrete.PDF
ElectroTechCP™ ECU/RMSMicro control unit that allows for centralized control of multiple distributed LRU over a communications network.PDF
LifeJacket® Anode SystemA proprietary zinc mesh anode placed directly against the inside face of a stay-in-place fiberglass form.PDF
ElectroTechCP™ LRUSwitch-mode power supply unit capable of providing the required protective current for ICCP systems.PDF
ElectroTechCP™ MCU / RMSSCADA based software capable of performing numerous tasks related to cathodic protection monitoring and control functionalities.PDF
ElectroTechCP™ TRIMAllows remote control and monitoring of almost any type of cathodic protection transformer rectifier.PDF
ElectroTechCP™ EZ Anode SystemSurface applied galvanic cathodic protection system.PDF
ElectroTechCP™ CAS CoatingSurface applied impressed current cathodic protection anode system.PDF
ElectroTechCP™ CRM AnodeMixed metal oxide coating for Impressed Current Cathodic ProtectionPDF
ElectroTechCP™ CMO AnodeMixed metal oxide for steel-in-concrete cathodic protection applicationsPDF

Corrosion Control Engineering Support

Comprehensive Support

Our solution-building teams have the experience to assist in developing a range of alternatives, and provide a range of services including investigation support, solution development, cost and constructability consulting, and design assistance to help project teams select the best potential solution.

We also provide expert technical support to our repair and maintenance companies, as well as other contractors in the field, for installation of our corrosion control products, quality control and quality assurance.

Corrosion Control Team Leader

Read more about our products and applications on our corrosion control solution builder page

Design-Assist & Engineered Product Support

• Investigation Support
• Solution Development
• Budget Development
• Specification Assistance
• Constructability Consulting
• Application Engineering
• Quality Control Programs
• Project-Specific Design-Assist

Corrosion Control Repair & Maintenance Services

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ contracting companies have offices across the United States and the Middle East – providing industry-leading repair and maintenance services to make structures stronger and last longer. When installing STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ corrosion control products and systems, our contracting companies provide our clients with the reassurance that our technology solutions are being installed by experienced professionals with the highest standards for quality control and safety.

Integrated Investigate-Design-Build Solutions

Combining repair services, engineered products and engineering support services in conjunction with its engineering partners, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ companies provide an integrated Investigate-Design-Build (IDB) approach to provide a seamless process from initial design through installation with single-source responsibility.