Bridge Erection & Construction Systems

Bridge Erection & Construction Systems

Construction of large bridges and related infrastructure – often times in crowded urban or sensitive areas – requires the specialized construction systems and experience of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES / VSL and our worldwide network of equipment, gantries and engineering support to develop a unique solution for your project.

Engineered Solutions for Cast-in-Place or Precast Bridge Construction
No matter how complex or demanding a project may be, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES / VSL offers a long history of customized engineered solutions to lift, lower, and slide precast segments to precise locations or to construct massive cast-in-place cantilevers.

Improve Quality, Efficiency and Safety
Our team works with you to develop project specific construction methods that promote highly efficient rates of construction, while constantly improving the safety and quality control measures to meet ever-changing job requirements.

Single Source Provider
Our line of post-tensioning systems – including specialty and heavy lifting equipment, engineering services, and technical support for installation provide a single source solution for your project.

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STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES is the exclusive manufacturer of VSL post-tensioning products and construction systems in the United States. Our manufacturing facilities in the United States are certified by PTI’s Plant Certification Program to ensure the highest quality fabrication of materials.

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    form traveler

    Modular Form Travelers

    The STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES / VSL form traveler system is an economical and efficient construction method for balanced cantilever concrete bridges and provides a rigid frame to minimize deflections during concrete placement.

    Our designers engineer these highly adaptable systems for a variety of segment lengths, depths and structure configurations. Our team supports the custom design, provides system drawings and operation manuals for all aspects of operation, as well as on-site technical assistance and field supervision.

    bridge schematic form traveler

    Precast Segmental Construction Methods

    STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES / VSL has extensive experience erecting the many different types of precast bridge structures that are designed for specific jobsite conditions. Depending on how beams and segments are delivered to the jobsite and how close to their final location, our team works with you to design, build, and operate a system that meets project safety, budget, schedule, and environmental requirements. We utilize a variety of launching girders, beam launchers, and lifting frames capable of placing precast beams directly behind, below, or in parallel to the erection system.

    precast segmental
    Methods utilized for precast segmental construction include:
    Balanced Cantilever Erection
    with Launching Gantries
    bridge schematic balanced cantilever qantry

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    Span by Span Erection
    with Launching Gantries
    bridge schematic span by span gantry

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    Precast Beam
    bridge schematic precast beam

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    Full Span
    Precast Method
    bridge schematic full span precast

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    Incremental Launching Method

    For straight bridges or those with a constant curve, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES / VSL has applied this proven method to lower construction costs and accelerate schedules.

    Segments are efficiently constructed in a casting bed at the bridge abutment. Each new segment is cast and connected
    to the previous segments – then all connected segments are launched using VSL hydraulic jacks.

    We provide equipment, engineering, and reinforcing materials as well as experienced technicians and support crews for this innovative method.

    incremental bridge launch
    bridge schematic incremental