Company Overview

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES is firmly committed to its mission of making structures stronger and last longer. We develop and integrate products, engineering support, repair and maintenance services to provide value-added solutions to owners, engineers and contractors. STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES provides state-of-the-art proprietary products and engineering support, and delivers repair & maintenance services through our construction companies.


State-of-the-Art Products

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES offers engineered products and solutions to make civil and structural infrastructure stronger and last longer:

Products for Existing Structures
existing structures

For existing infrastructure, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ product solutions, strengthen, repair deterioration and protect structures to extend their life.

Products & Systems for New Construction
new construction

For new construction, our product solutions improve the performance, and extend the life of structures, as well as correct construction defects.

Product Design & Engineering Support

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ staff of engineers and technical support specialists provide comprehensive design support services for our technologies. Services include investigation support, application engineering for our products, design-assist, as well as cost and constructability consulting. Working with our engineering partners, we develop the best potential solutions for individual project needs.

Design Support Services

• Investigation Support
• Solution Development
• Budget Development
• Specification Assistance
• Constructability Consulting
• Application Engineering
• Quality Control Programs
• Means & Methods
• Material Development
• Project-Specific Design-Assist

Team Leaders

Each of our product lines is led by industry experts. Visit our solution builder pages to interact with our subject matter experts, and read more about products and applications.


• Concrete Repair
• Structural Strengthening
• Pipeline Rehabilitation
• Post-Tensioning
• Post-Tensioning Repair
• Corrosion Control
• Moisture Control
• Seismic Repair & Retrofit
• Prestressed Concrete Tanks
• Rotating Equipment Foundations

Product Installation Support Services

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES also provides technical support to our repair and maintenance companies, as well as other contractors in the field, for installation of our products, quality control and quality assurance.

Our installation support services include:

  • Product Installation Support & Training
  • Project Coordination
  • Equipment Rental
  • Safety Planning

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES' Repair & Maintenance Services

STRUCTURAL and PULLMAN, both STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ companies, have offices across the United States and the Middle East – providing industry-leading repair and maintenance services that make structures stronger and last longer. Specializing in building envelope, concrete/steel repair, and maintenance of civil and structural infrastructure, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ repair companies perform more concrete repair than any other firm in the United States.

structural logo

STRUCTURAL integrates technology-driven solutions into its industry-leading repair and maintenance services. Since 1976, STRUCTURAL has served commercial, public, transportation, industrial and power customers, providing a wide range of specialty repair and maintenance services for civil and structural infrastructure. STRUCTURAL has branch offices throughout the United States and the Middle East.


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PULLMAN integrates technology-driven solutions into its industry-leading repair and maintenance services. PULLMAN serves commercial, public, transportation, industrial and power clients both in the United States and internationally. As a signatory to local, national, and international labor agreements, PULLMAN has access to a large base of skilled craftsmen to supplement its own full-time workers in local offices across the country. These craftsmen specialize in both building envelope repair and maintenance, as well as concrete/steel repair and maintenance of civil and infrastructure.


Integrated Design-Build Solutions

When STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES teams with STRUCTURAL or PULLMAN, we provide our clients with the reassurance that our technology solutions are being installed by experienced professionals with the highest standards for quality control and safety. The combination of products, design support, engineering partners and contracting services allows us to deliver fully integrated delivery of solutions from initial problem investigation through final installation.


construction internship
Build Your Career With Us!

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES is a company full of career possibilities. Our mission is to make structures stronger and last longer, and to provide an enriching work experience for our people so they develop, have fun, and grow with us.

The STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES team meets the needs of our customers by providing innovative and value-added solutions to infrastructure challenges. STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ commitment to company-wide collaboration allows us to provide the best solutions for our clients and the best possible opportunities for our employees.