StrongPIPE® SCL (Steel Composite Liner) is a patented trenchless solution for AWWA Class IV renewal of large diameter pipelines.

This unique composite system is made up of layers of reinforcing steel wire and fiber-reinforced polymer to provide fully structural repairs and upgrades to pipe segments. The StrongPIPE® SCL system is applicable to all types of pipelines and is installed internally starting at pipe diameters of 42 inches and above.

StrongPIPE® SCL is a proprietary solution which combines the benefits of steel reinforcement with FRP to create a high-value trenchless repair system for large diameter pipe. Custom designed for each application, StrongPIPE® SCL combines layers of reinforcing steel and FRP to create a fully structural strengthening system for renewal or restoration of damaged/weakened large diameter concrete or metallic pipelines. StrongPIPE® SCL utilizes a continuously wound steel reinforcement that with the FRP forms a composite liner inside the existing pipe.

With two system options available, polymer or concrete, StrongPIPE® SCL is customized to meet project needs, as determined by operating parameters, hydraulic performance, and construction requirements.

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