Stay Cables

SSI 2000 Stay Cable System

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES is the exclusive designer and manufacturer of VSL post-tensioning and construction systems in the United States. VSL systems have a well-earned reputation for their quality, reliability, and durability. A leader in stay cable technology, VSL brings you the experience of over 130 projects around the world and the engineering and technical expertise to help develop a customized solution for your project.

Compact and Lightweight Systems Ease Handling and Installation
Our cable systems and equipment are designed to be compact – smaller anchorages are easier to handle and to install and the tight arrangement of strands in the free length reduces the diameter of cables decreasing wind loads. Installation of the cables and stressing operations are completed with lightweight equipment – freeing up valuable resources on your job for other tasks.

The Most Flexible System Available
The VSL Stay Cable System features strands that are individually protected and anchored with fixed or adjustable anchorages. By design, the system allows for an unlimited number of strands; independent strand anchoring; individual strand corrosion protection; and individual strand erection, stressing, removal, and replacement.

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VSL 2C Whitetext

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES is the exclusive manufacturer of VSL post-tensioning products and construction systems in the United States. Our manufacturing facilities in the United States are certified by PTI’s Plant Certification Program to ensure the highest quality fabrication of materials.

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Compact Anchorage Systems

stay cable compact anchorage

Our leak-proof compact anchorages arrive on site as completely assembled units – giving designers great flexibility and outstanding performance while allowing owners to customize the system with additional features to monitor and protect the system.

Each anchorage is engineered specifically for your project. Manufactured and assembled by STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES in the United States, our systems meet and exceed all Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI) and fédération internationale du béton (fib) standards.

Strand by Strand Installation & AMS Stressing

The strand by strand method for stay cables simplifies installation and allows for maximum flexibility.

Our Automatic Monostrand Stressing (AMS) System is a lightweight equipment package that does not require cranes. AMS performs all stressing while accuracy is improved by an industrial computer system that controls the stressing process and electronically records:

  • Jacking force
  • Lift-off force
  • Elongation

Stressing data recorded by the software is easily downloaded for distribution to and analysis by the project team

stay cable ams

Damping Systems That Extend Service Life

stay cable damper

Whether constructing or retrofitting a cable stayed bridge, we offer innovative damping systems to reduce the effects of wind and rain induced vibrations. Each system is aesthetically appealing, durable, adjustable, low maintenance, temperature insensitive and can be tailored for specific applications. System selection is based on cable characteristics, the critical types of vibrations, and the required performance.

Our Friction Dampers are custom-engineered systems for extreme conditions. These systems may also be adjusted while in service. We also offer low-maintenance systems made with high performance rubber.

Pylon Systems

Our systems are flexible – allowing them to be anchored in the pylon in different configurations. In addition to traditional pylon construction, we offer a saddle system that simplifies the pylon design. The saddle system provides a slender profile while allowing for strand-by-strand installation and replacement, high fatigue resistance, and multiple levels of corrosion protection.

stay cable saddle