Eyad Alhariri

Eyad Alhariri

Corrosion Control Team Leader

Our team of corrosion experts is led by Eyad Alhariri, Vice President of Last Longer Solutions, and supported by specialized engineers, metallurgists, NACE-certified corrosion experts, and field technicians. Our solution builders work with engineers, owners and contractors from initial assessments through systems design, product supply, installation support and quality control to develop high value solutions that control corrosion in reinforced concrete and steel.

Eyad Alhariri

Eyad Alhariri is the Vice President of Last Longer Solutions for STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES. A NACE-certified cathodic protection specialist, Mr. Alhariri has experience in the design, installation, testing, and commissioning of both conventional cathodic protection systems as well as cathodic protection for steel in reinforced concrete structures. He is a member of IEEE, SCS, and NACE, and recently became a NACE instructor for Cathodic Protection Certifications.

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