Specialty Solutions Through an Investigate - Design - Build Approach

With an extensive track record of investigate-design-build solution building for industrial and power customers, we have developed a wide range of unique solutions to common infrastructure needs. If you are trying to reduce outage time, improve safety, maximize longevity, or planning an upgrade - engage STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES early on to discuss how we can work with you to proactively manage infrastructure in your unit, facility, or fleet through our turnkey investigate-design-build approach.


Evaluation & Management of Civil & Structural Infrastructure

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES provides a wide range of services to evaluate and manage civil and structural assets in industrial and power facilities. STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES' tools and techniques are designed to identify deterioration trends early, determine their root cause, and develop plans to maintain, repair and extend the life of civil and structural assets – improving the reliability of your facility.

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Investigate-Design-Build Services

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES offers a full range of both condition assessment and design services, along with direct access to Structural Group’s qualified specialty contracting companies to manage the pre-planning and build stages of the investigate-design-build process.

Condition Assessment & Investigation

Identifying the Root Cause

If you have a structural issue or failure, the question is often "why?" STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES answers that question by performing a structured, condition assessment process to determine levels of damage and cause of the deterioration.

Our field investigation teams can perform various levels of assessments ranging from specific units and structures (online and offline), to assessing entire facilities or specific types of structures within a fleet. Our assessment services result in detailed reports including findings, prioritization, and repair recommendations. The reports may also include alternative repair options and associated budgetary estimates.

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We offer assessment expertise in many specialized areas, including:

  • Concrete Repair
  • Corrosion of Reinforced Concrete
  • Structural Upgrade & Strengthening
  • Waterproofing & Moisture Control

Solution Development & Design

Innovative and Imaginative Solutions

With a thorough understanding of a problem’s root cause, our solution builder’s evaluate all possible alternatives using an integrated design and value engineering process based on sound knowledge of the cost of each alternative This approach ensures the proper selection of an optimum repair strategy.

Once a repair solution is selected, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES develops detailed designs that incorporate both STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ proprietary and other products into a comprehensive solution.

By incorporating the capabilities of Structural Group’s contracting companies and their experience working in industrial and energy facilities, our designs are enhanced by knowledgeable constructability analysis, to optimize the design as it relates to total installed cost, proper phasing, safety and achievable schedules.

We offer design expertise in many specialized areas, including:

  • Concrete Repair
  • Corrosion Protection Systems for Reinforced Concrete
  • Structural Upgrade & Strengthening
  • Pipe Rehabilitation Design Assist
  • Waterproofing & Moisture Control Design Assist

Preplanning & Construction

Success is in the Details

When paired with Structural Group’s specialty contracting companies – we provide owners and operators all aspects of investigate-design-build from a single source of accountability.

All of our design-build projects go through a detailed preplanning process involving plant personnel, field construction teams, engineers, and others to map project details and working conditions. This process is designed to maximize safety, minimize downtime, and to prepare for any contingencies or “unknowns.”

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Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Ensuring a Successful Outcome

Beyond the quality control procedures of Structural Group’s Specialty Contracting companies, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES has its own field staff and quality control procedures that are used to ensure that all of our technology solutions are installed correctly and taken through proper commissioning procedures. During all projects, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES representatives are onsite - providing quality assurance and control in accordance with all project design documents and plans.

Our experienced QA/QC personnel are typically engineers, or led by engineers that have extensive industry experience and are recognized leaders in their respective fields of technical specialization.

  • Sulfur Pit Repair Systems

    Sulfur Pit Repair Systems

    Proprietary systems featuring our specially formulated Tstrata ISR sulfate-resistant concrete repair material, as well as multiple engineered design alternatives that have been tested and proven through previous projects. Our solutions are designed to be completed under the fast-track investigate-design-build model in order to meet the needs of shutdown environments where on-line assessment and investigating the full level of damage is not possible.

  • >Hyperbolic Cooling Tower Life Extension Systems

    Hyperbolic Cooling Tower Life Extension Systems

    Our range of concrete repair and corrosion control systems integrate to provide significant life extension for aging cooling towers. We repair and protect every element of these critical structures from the basin to the top of the towers and are based on through condition assessment capability and detailed corrosion assessment services that few other firms can match.

  • Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units

    Coking Unit Repair Systems

    STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES uses a wide variety of its technologies and design services to specialty concrete mixes to develop solutions for the repair of various elements found in delayed coking units. Our solutions are typically implemented through our turnkey investigate-design-build model in order to meet the needs of turnaround schedules.

  • Other Specialized Solutions include

    • Beams, Columns & Slabs
    • Foundations / Pedestals
    • Cooling Towers
    • Chimneys, Stacks & Silos
    • Marine Docks & Piers
    • Tanks & Pits
    • Pipe Racks / Supports
    • Process Structures
    • Dams & Basins
    • Water Treatment



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