Pipe Strengthening with XPT™

The XPT™ External Post-Tensioning System utilizes externally placed post-tensioned tendons around the exterior of existing pipe. Supported by a team of specialists that help develop engineered solutions for pipe restoration or renewal.

XPT™ External Post-Tensioning System

In cases where pipeline segments in need of repair or upgrade cannot be shut down, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ XPT™ External Post-Tensioning System is an effective, engineered solution.

The XPT™ External Post-Tensioning System utilizes externally placed post-tensioned tendons around the exterior circumference of an existing pipe. An XPT™ tendon consists of high-strength steel strand, coated and sheathed in extruded plastic for corrosion protection, and an anchorage assembly. The strand is looped around the host pipe and stressed at the anchorage utilizing hydraulic jacks. All of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES' XPT™ Systems feature VSL hardware components.

The XPT™ System is highly customizable – there are a variety of anchorages and strand that may be manufactured to any size. STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES assists with developing complete design, and field application of the XPT™ System is available through our parent company's specialty contracting partners.


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post-tensioning strand

  • Standard production is for pipe with internal diameter 30” (760 mm) and larger. For diameters below 30” (760 mm), please contact STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES.
  • Particularly well-suited for Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP) and suitable for other pipe materials
  • No access to the pipeline interior required
  • Corrosion resistant encapsulated strand and anchorage improves durability and provides long operational life
  • Rapid installation process
  • Variable structural capacity, depending on location in pipe
  • Fits straight and curved pipe sections
  • Withstands design pressure
  • Restores full functional capacity of pressure pipelines
  • Can be used to upgrade/increase the structural capacity of an existing pipe (undamaged) allowing increased pressure and commensurate fluid flow rate
  • Increases hoop strength
  • Work performed while pipeline remains in service
  • Excellent for localized repairs
  • Minimal downtime and impact to operations
  • Only access required is external to the pipeline
  • Long term lifecycle extension of pipeline assets
  • When performed in conjunction with pipe excavation, repairs of damaged concrete can be accomplished simultaneously


Specialized Engineering Support Services for Pipeline Upgrade

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ Pipeline Solutions team provides valuable insight and assists in developing comprehensive technical packages for pipeline owners and consultants. These services include:

    • Feasibility assessment
    • Material selection
    • Specifications
    • Preliminary designs
    • Construction budgets

    Working with external engineering partners and our internal product application engineers, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES can provide turnkey investigate and design services. When teamed with a Structural Group contracting company, comprehensive design-build services can be provided.


    Pipeline Solutions Engineering Team Leader
    Anna Pridmore, PhD
    Vice President – Pipeline Solutions

    Anna Pridmore, PhD STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ Pipeline Solutions Engineering Team is led by Anna Pridmore, PhD. She received her doctorate in structural engineering and has over ten years of interdisciplinary experience in advanced composites, design and material science with a focus on pipeline rehabilitation. Anna has provided detailed technical insight to hundreds of municipal, industrial and power generation pipeline owners and consultants across the United States and internationally. She supports clients with condition assessment needs, contingency plans, options analysis and recommendations for repair systems. Anna has authored or co-authored over 20 technical papers and also contributes to the industry by serving as an active member of committees and task groups for AWWA (CFRP Renewal and Strengthening of PCCP), ASME (Repair of Class 2 and 3 Moderate Energy Piping by Carbon Fiber Composite, ASME Section XI, Division I) and ASCE (Track Chair for 2014 ASCE Pipelines Conference). 


    STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES' licensed engineering services are provided by Structural Technologies StrongPoint, LLC - A Structural Group Company, or through other licensed engineers.

    Installation Support

    CFRP in PCCP Pipe

    STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES provides construction phase services to ensure that our pipeline repair and renewal systems are installed properly and will carry out their intended functions. We coordinate with owners, consultants and pipeline general contractors to provide project-specific oversight, quality assurance and quality control.


    Turnkey Investigate – Design – Build Solutions 

    When paired with Structural Group's specialty contracting companies - we provide our pipeline owners and consultants with a full range of options analysis support, repair system design, materials and installation services for single source accountability. Together, we seamlessly deliver customized, cost-effective, and long lasting solutions for pipeline upgrade projects.





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