MJS Monolith Joint Seal

MJS™ Monolith Joint Seal System

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ MJS™ is a proprietary replacement waterstop monolith joint seal system that controls leakage of water through existing joints, particularly in dams, locks, large retaining walls and other structures.

The system is installed in a drilled hole and uniformly pressurized to offset hydrostatic pressure.

The MJS™ System is a long-lasting solution that holds up to water and joint movement without damaging the system itself.

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mjs dam seal
mjs install 1
Installed in a Drilled Hole
  • Ensures continuity throughout length of joint.
  • System won’t track into opened joint – preventing damage to the dam seal
  • May be removed or replaced
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Maintains Uniform Internal Pressure
  • Offsets hydrostatic pressure from the water source regardless of joint movement
  • Accommodates pressure heads to 150 psi and depths over 300 feet
  • Adapts to variation in weather from -50°F to 120° F
mjs install 3
Overall System Advantages
  • Maintains water control when the joint opens and closes
  • Eliminates need for divers
  • Eliminates need for chemicals to contaminate water supply
  • Easily maintained and serviced
  • Restores original water control features designed into the structure
  • Easy to inspect via remote cameras during and after installation

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