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Specialized Products & Services for Sulfur Pits

Reinforced concrete sulfur pits that are below grade are subject to deterioration both internally and externally. High temperatures can cause concrete cracking, allowing ground water to seep through and cause severe deterioration of the concrete. As most pits are inaccessible, these problems can go unnoticed until a unit is shut down for service.


STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES has developed industry leading expertise in the evaluation of sulfur pits. We utilize advanced technologies to assess portions of the pits while they are in operation, and can rapidly provide full condition assessment and root cause analysis when they are taken out of service.

Products & Design Support

We offer many technologies for pit repair, including sulfate resistant concrete repair materials designed specifically for sulfur pit repair. This specialty concrete delivers long-term durability while also curing rapidly to efficiently return sulfur pits to service in short turnarounds. STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES has developed multiple design options to match the level of deterioration and required service life and can rapidly employ them during the same shutdown as the condition assessment.

Turnkey Solutions

When STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES teams with one of our repair and maintenance companies – we offer our turnkey Investigate-Design-Build (IDB) approach to provide a seamless process from initial design through installation with single-source responsibility. This approach is ideally suited for clients looking to perform repair and maintenance during scheduled turnarounds.

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Products & Solutions for Sulfur Pits

Tstrata ISR™ Sulfate Resistant Concrete Restoration Material

Tstrata ISR™ Sulphate Resistant Concrete
Restoration Material
Tstrata ISR™ is a specially formulated, one part microsilica modified concrete restoration material with integral corrosion inhibitor designed specifically for restoration of sulfur pits. Tstrata ISR™ is a high strength material with extended working time for ease of placement.

Tstrata ISR™ Durability Wall Liner System

Tstrata ISR™ Durability Wall Liner System
Total wall repair solution for deteriorated sulfur pit walls.

Tstrata ISR™ Structural Wall System

Tstrata ISR™ Structural Wall System
Complete sulfur pit wall replacement system designed to support loads of roofing system and mechanical systems.

Tstrata ISR™ Precast Roof System

Tstrata ISR™ Precast Roof System
Custom designed roof panels fabricated offsite for efficient installation.

Our Sulfur Pit systems feature Tstrata ISR™ – Infuseable Sulfate Resistant Restoration Material, a specially formulated, microsilica modified, part concrete restoration material with integral corrosion inhibitor designed specifically for restoration of sulfur pits’ structural components.

Tstrata ISR Sulfate Resistance
24 US Census Concrete Placed Into Pump

Evaluation & Design Services for Sulfur Recovery Units

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES provides a wide range of services to evaluate and manage civil and structural assets in industrial and power facilities. These services, tools and techniques are designed to identify deterioration trends early, determine their root cause, and develop plans to maintain, repair and extend the life of civil and structural assets – improving the reliability of industrial facilities.

Online Condition Assessment

Online Condition Assessment
We have developed and utilize innovative techniques to safely investigate molten sulfur containment structures while in operation.

Offline Condition Assessment

Offline Condition Assessment
Our vast experience in sulfur pits allows for us to rapidly assess the condition when units are shut down. Our services are comprehensive – offering a range of testing and deliverables based on the needs of the owner and the project.

Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering
Based on findings from our assessment services, we rapidly engineer repair programs for sulfur pits utilizing our proven systems for repair and rehabiliation – tailored for each unique project.

Concrete Repair Engineering Support

Comprehensive Support

Our solution-building teams have the experience to assist in developing a range of alternatives, and provide a range of services including investigation support, solution development, cost and constructability consulting, and design assistance to help project teams select the best potential solution.

Concrete Repair Team Leader

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Design-Assist & Engineered Product Support

• Investigation Support
• Solution Development
• Budget Development
• Specification Assistance
• Constructability Consulting
• Application Engineering
• Quality Control Programs
• Project-Specific Design-Assist