GalvaJacket™ Galvanic Cathodic Protection System

GalvaJacket™ Galvanic Cathodic Protection System

With over 30,000 installations performed worldwide, the GalvaJacket™ Cathodic Protection System protects steel and steel-reinforced concrete structures prone to corrosion. STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ GalvaJacket™ System uses a custom-fabricated fiberglass jacket and a proprietary zinc mesh anode to deliver galvanic cathodic protection.

With the ability to tailor the system to nearly any type of structural component, our team has successfully adapted the GalvaJacket™ System for a wide variety of transportation, industrial, energy, and commercial applications.

Maintenance-free, with no outside power source required, the system self-adjusts to changes in temperature, humidity and concrete resistivity to deliver the ultimate protection.  Our staff of qualified professionals works with you to design and customize your system and oversee its’ installation by our licensed contracting companies.

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