Corrosion Mitigation Solutions

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Corrosion Mitigation Solutions

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Corrosion is a naturally occurring process that can lead to unsafe conditions, extensive repairs and even failure. While the causes of corrosion cannot be eliminated in reinforced concrete and steel structures, preventive measures and modern technology can minimize its damaging effects. By taking a proactive approach, corrosion can be mitigated prior to the onset of significant damage. Addressing the issues early in the life of structures ensures the ability to efficiently plan or eliminate the need for costly repairs.



STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES offers a full suite of cathodic protection systems – including both impressed current and galvanic solutions – to accommodate a wide range of service-life expectancies, budgets, design considerations and maintenance requirements. Our products can be used stand-alone or in combination to solve complex project challenges.

Embedded Systems

Whether galvanic or impressed current, ElectrotechCP™ Embedded Systems can be tailored to deliver precise levels of protective current to concrete and masonry embedded steel regardless of the steel density and thickness of the structure.


  • Design Flexibility
  • Integrated
  • Remote Monitoring
Corrosion Embedded Systems

Surface Systems

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ ElectrotechCP™ Surface Systems use both commercial and patented anode alloys, providing corrosion protection to embedded steel in various concrete environments. These systems adapt to the structure’s form without prefabrication, allowing for flexibility during installation. Whether utilizing galvanic or impressed current, the surface systems act as barriers, preventing further contamination. Coatings can be applied to match your structure’s aesthetic and exposure requirements.


  • Flexible Application
  • Complete Coverage
  • Customization and Aesthetics
Corrspray Basement

Jacket Systems

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ ElectrotechCP™ Jacket Systems are a repair and corrosion protection solution in one. The jackets are custom designed and manufactured to fit a wide range of shapes and sizes of reinforced concrete piles, prestressed concrete piles, jacketed steel pipe and H-piles. Consisting of a fiberglass exterior shell with various anode systems capable of catering to the various environments and service life requirements of your structure. 


  • Customizable
  • Fully assembled
  • Repairs and protects
Installation Support

Power Supply & Monitoring Systems

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ ElectrotechCP™ Systems are made for cathodic protection. Our power supply and monitoring solutions follow industry standards, easily connecting with structural and building management systems. Our in-house teams can create custom interfaces to meet clients’ specific needs.


A microcontroller unit centrally controls multiple Local Rectifier Units (LRU) via a network. The ECU/RMS offers a touchscreen or keypad interface and enables secure remote access via the internet.


A SCADA-based MCU/RMS package enables centralized control for multiple LRUs and diverse systems across various structures. It performs tasks such as cathodic protection monitoring, control, and structural health, integrating industry-standard sensors.


LRU switch-mode power suppliers, designed for cathodic protection, offer unmatched 1mA/10mA output resolution. Capable of synchronized system operation, they capture all parameters in a single interruption.

ERE 20

ERE 20, a manganese dioxide reference electrode for concrete cathodic protection, uses an alkaline electrolyte gel. It boasts industry-leading stability and potential measurement longevity, with a service life exceeding 20 years.


ERE-MMO is a long-life reference electrode which can be embedded in concrete and used to control the cathodic protection of the reinforcing steel.


A Transformer Rectifier Integration Module (TRIM) enables remote monitoring and control of various standalone cathodic protection transformer rectifiers. TRIM units integrate existing systems into a modern, state-of-the-art monitoring and control system.

Design Assist and Technical Support

Our products are supported by an industry-leading team of engineers, metallurgists, NACE certified specialists, and field technicians. This team provides value-added solutions to engineers, contractors, and owners in the commercial, public, industrial and power markets.

Investigation Support

Investigation Support

  • Field technical assistance
  • Advanced corrosion testing
  • Service-life modeling
Design Support

Design Support

  • System selection
  • Specification assistance
  • System design
Installation Support

Installation Support

  • Installation specifications
  • Construction QA/QC
  • System commissioning

Continuous Monitoring

  • Routine inspections & maintenance
  • Remote monitoring to ensure & adjust performance