The Passages of Jupiter Island

The Passages of Jupiter Island

The Passages of Jupiter Island

  • Phased installation of ElectroTechCP™ Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) System
  • Installation of new PSU/MCU to operate and monitor ICCP System
  • Multi-year project to fit owner budgetary needs
Jupiter, FL
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Built in 1982 along the coast of Florida, The Passages of Jupiter Island uniquely features balconies on each side of its 40 units, giving residents the best of both worlds with ocean and intracoastal views. The 7-story condominium began showing signs of corrosion damage, as is common in marine environments, requiring concrete repairs and corrosion protection particularly for its balconies.

Failed Repairs

Major concrete repairs were initially completed with a local contractor, and a galvanic zinc hydro gel system was installed to the oceanside balconies. The system began to fail, causing the tile to buckle. The Passages Condominium Association then turned to STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES for help.

Installation of an ICCP System

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES worked with the owner and contractor, STRUCTURAL to review building drawings and understand the types and quantities of reinforcement in the balcony slabs, as well as assess the failed system and subsequent damage. It was determined that a slotted ElectroTechCP™ Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System (ICCP), a proprietary product developed by STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, using a mixed metal oxide (MMO) coated expanded mesh ribbon anode was needed. The owner also wanted a solution that could be installed in phases for budgeting purposes. To meet this requirement, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES used a modular Power Supply Unit (PSU) that could be monitored using a WiFi enabled device. In total, there were twelve PSUs installed for this project and three to four balconies were completed each year over approximately a ten-year period.

Overcoming Challenges

The installation of the PSUs became the biggest challenge of this project as they were initially installed at the individual balcony locations that were scheduled for repair during the given year. As the project progressed, the PSUs had to be relocated until reaching their final location in a single cabinet when the entirety of the project was complete.  The new system can now be controlled and monitored remotely from one central location. The owner also receives status updates for the system.

Preserving the Views

Crews successfully completed this multi-year, multi-phased project within the budgetary constraints of the owner and without safety incidents. All 36 oceanside balconies of the condominium are now protected from the effects of corrosion by a system operated and controlled by a state-of-the-art Power Supply Unit. STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES will continue to provide support to the owner as needed.