Kanawha Bridge

Kanawha Bridge

Kanawha Bridge

  • 130,000 lbs. of post-tensioning bars
  • 1,085 tons of post-tensioning steel
  • The longest concrete cast-in-place segmental bridge span in the US, 760 ft.

West Virginia Division of Highways


South Charleston, West Virginia

Project Team
  • Engineer of Record: T.Y. Lin
  • Contractor: Brayman
  • Construction Engineer: Finley Engineering Group

The West Virginia Division of Highways embarked upon an $82.8 million project to construct the new I-64 Kanawha River Bridge in South Charleston. The structure was designed to cross over railroad tracks, the Kanawha River back channel, Wilson Island, the Kanawha River main channel and three local roads.

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES was selected to supply the post-tensioning elements of this project. In addition to supplying over 130,000 lbs. of 1 3/8″ diameter post-tensioning bars, the team also furnished 1,085 tons of 0.6″ diameter post-tensioning steel. To meet the enhanced durability requirements of the project, PT-PlusTM plastic ducts with the ECI 6-31, 6-22, 6-19, 6-12, and SA 6-4 systems were used.

The ASBI Bridge Award of Excellence winner is a concrete segmental bridge and the first long-span, segmental box girder structure to be built in West Virginia using the balanced cantilever method. The project included seven piers – five on land and two on the edge of the river, as well as eight spans combined for a total length of 2,975 feet. The deck accommodates four lanes of traffic and two shoulders on a single-cell box girder. The overall bridge length includes a record 760 feet main span, which is the longest box girder span in the United States.