Indian Creek Village Bridge Restoration

Indian Creek Village Bridge Restoration

Indian Creek Village Bridge Restoration

  • Restoration and strengthening of a historic, 360-foot bridge
  • Installation of V-Wrap™ FRP C200/C200H
  • Construction of floating work platforms to access the bridge
Miami-Dade, FL
Project Team

Indian Creek Village

ABC Construction, Inc.
General Contractor

New Millennium Design Consultants, Inc.
Engineer of Record

Specialty Contractor

Material Supplier

Project Description

Constructed in 1930, the Indian Creek Village Bridge is the only connection between the exclusive, privately-owned Indian Creek Village and the mainland in Surfside, Florida. The 360-foot bridge has 13 spans of reinforced arched concrete tee-beams, with distinctive archway features, stylish railings, and tapered concrete pylons atop each of its columns. Its historical relevance and high importance to the Island’s residents have earned its place on the National Register of Historic Places and in The Historic Highway Bridges of Florida publication released by the Florida Department of Transportation.

Due to extreme weather exposure, decades of service, and water leakage through failed expansion joints, cracking and spalling was observed at several locations on the bridge. These conditions prompted the restoration of bridge, calling for concrete repairs and strengthening to achieve a higher load rating.

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES & STRUCTURAL worked with the general contractor and engineer of record to provide design assistance and contracting services to install our strengthening and repair solutions. The scope of work included:

  • The construction of floating work platforms to access the underside of the bridge,
  • Concrete repairs to both the interior and exterior girders,
  • Pressure epoxy injection of cracks,
  • Flexural and shear strengthening of 29 concrete girders using externally bonded FRP reinforcement.

The project team faced several challenges throughout the duration of the bridge restoration. Access to the work area proved difficult and required the construction of floating work platforms as well marine vessels to transport materials and equipment. The bridge also remained fully operational with active vehicular and pedestrian traffic during tight working hours from 7:00am to 4:00pm.

Excellent pre-project planning, good communication, high-quality work, and the team’s commitment to safety led to the successful completion of the Indian Creek Village restoration project in just eight weeks. The Island’s residents can rest easy in their private sanctuary, knowing that their connection to and from the mainland has had its life extended.