DivcoWest Atelier Garage Waterproofing

DivcoWest Atelier Garage Waterproofing

DivcoWest Atelier Garage Waterproofing


Denver, CO

Project Team
  • Owner: DivcoWest Real Estate Services
  • Architect of Record: Engineering Design Group
  • General Contractor: STRUCTURAL 
  • Material Supplier: Avanti International

Located near the University of Denver campus and constructed within the Atelier at University Park (24Fifty) residential building, the DivcoWest Atelier garage provides ample parking to residents of the community with easy access to high-end shops and restaurants of Cherry Creek North.

There was extensive water intrusion on the lowest two levels (P1 and P2) of the below-grade parking structure. After a thorough investigation, Engineering Design Group requested the expertise of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES to determine the best solution. Our licensed installer, STRUCTURAL, performed a walkthrough of the garage, noting multiple points of water intrusion. A waterproofing system was designed in conjunction with STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES and the team performed a successful mock-up to verify the design. After successful implementation, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES completed the full waterproofing design and engineering. STRUCTURAL performed the full grouting system, including slab crack injection, route and seal, and the installation of a crystalline coating system on the walls of the garage.

Due to the amount of water intrusion, the project was scheduled to start as quickly as possible after the success of the mock-up. Grouting was slated for fall and winter, and with the project being in Denver, Colorado, there were challenges with the setting time of the product since the temperatures were at or around freezing (32° F) and sometimes 10°F or below. The team had to heat the materials and lost time due to the equipment freezing. Additional items were added to the original scope of work, including grouting and drainage board repair around the outside of the building, a PT cable repair, route, and seal of cracks on the P1 level, and additional coating.

Even with the cold weather challenge, the team was able to complete the project ahead of schedule and under budget with no safety incidents. Multiple factors influenced the project’s success, including unlimited garage access to utilize two grout pumps when installing coating and working with a split crew. Materials were kept in a heated storage unit that was constructed on-site and through utilizing the crew and SME’s knowledge, we were able to add an additional accelerator to decrease the material set time. The success of the mock-up with the team’s progress through the garage created a level of trust with the client that left a lasting impact.