Cathodic Protection of Intake Structures

Cathodic Protection of Intake Structures

Cathodic Protection of Intake Structures

  • Condition assessment performed to determine the state of the concrete and steel and root cause of the problem
  • Engineered and installed a work platform to allow repairs while pumps were in operation
  • LifeJacket Galvanic CP® and ElectroTechCPTM Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system installed

United States

Project Team
  • Investigation & Material Supplier: STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES
  • Specialty Contractor: STRUCTURAL

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES was hired to perform a condition assessment on two cooling water intake structures. The client wanted to ensure that the structure would continue to perform for another 25+ years. Testing showed spalling, deteriorated concrete and corrosion throughout the structure due to high levels of exposure to chlorides.

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES developed a repair solution that included concrete repair, galvanic cathodic protection and impressed cathodic protection. Their exclusive licensee, STRUCTURAL, was contracted to perform the repairs.

A work platform was engineered and installed under the entire structure in order to allow work to be done underneath the structure while the pumps and screens were in operation.

Concrete repairs were completed on the top deck, underside ceiling, piles, beams and wells. Enough concrete needed to be removed to expose the reinforcing bars for cleaning and repair. LifeJacket Galvanic CP® were installed on the piles and pile caps. An Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system was installed on the top deck and side walls.

The project was completed on time and without any safety incidents.