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How to Save Your Buildings From Decay

When maintaining a building for your business, paying attention to the fine details is crucial. Keeping your current infrastructure safe from hazards and decay comes from choosing the right materials for repairs and renovations. You’ll want to think ahead and recognize a few potential causes of building decay and solutions so you can keep your space aesthetically pleasing and protected.

Common Causes of Building Decay

Learn more about how you can prevent decay in your commercial building.

1. Faulty Designs

How a building is made at a structural level can expedite the decay process. What sits behind walls, floors and ceilings matters. From electrical wiring and HVAC ducts to plumbing connections and insulation, there’s room for structural hazards when someone rushes an installation or repair.

A knowledgeable professional will consider your requirements for concrete strength and thickness. The placement of concrete and how well mixtures cure influence the structural integrity of anything positioned on top of it. Leaving imperfections like air bubbles during a renovation increases the chances of premature cracking.

2. Earthquakes and Natural Disasters

The materials you use for building repairs and maintenance must be suitable for your environment. Consider whether your building will be exposed to any natural disasters. Older buildings may need to be retrofitted to minimize damage from earthquakes. Strong winds and extreme temperatures can cause some aggregates and metals to shrink, change in color or rust under certain conditions, which will lead to quick-decaying buildings.

3. Moisture

Building decay can happen at alarming rates due to leaks and water damage. Prevent the growth of mold and mildew by choosing a reliable team to repair or service your heating, cooling and plumbing system. Water can get into your building if the foundation is cracked or too porous, the roof is worn or damaged, or your doors and windows aren’t well sealed.


At STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, it’s our goal to make structures stronger and last longer. Our professionals oversee building projects from beginning to end, including the investigation, design and construction stages.

We work with property owners throughout the USA to offer building products and engineering support for assignments that demand a highly trained set of eyes. Our experts will assist with brand-new structures as well as existing ones. Whether we’re starting from scratch or organizing repair and maintenance services, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES gives you the attention you deserve.

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