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Pier Repair

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A new dock provides a waterfront property with a stable structure for essential tasks and fun activities. However, age may affect the pier’s foundation, including beams, pilings and other supports. A dock’s structure is integral to its safety, and STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES offers innovative strategies to repair and strengthen pier foundations.

The Importance of Pier Piles

Foundation piling supports the deck, keeping it in place above the water. A pier foundation’s durability is especially important because the structure sits in water, making it more vulnerable to movement, rot, damage and wear and tear than foundations on dry land. Piling usually consists of concrete or treated wood. Regardless of the building materials that comprise the dock and piles, all piers weaken with age.

Common signs that piling needs maintenance or repairs include:

  • Visible damage, like dents or cracks
  • Rust and corrosion
  • Rotting wood or fungus
  • Creaking and wobbling when using the dock

The Benefits of Pier Strengthening

When determined to be in a weakened state, Strengthening a pier ensures its function and offers:

  • Increased safety: Dock maintenance confirms that a pier is still safe for use. Hopefully, your dock is ready for days of fishing, boating and other activities, but an inspection ensures you have the pier fixed and can restore its stability before an accident occurs.
  • Lower cost of ownership: Regular maintenance and strengthening can alert you to minor issues and help you correct them as fast as possible. Pier foundation repair addresses structural concerns before they worsen, saving you the expense of extensive work or complete replacement.
  • Longer life span: Strengthening and restoring docks with wraps and caps on pilings and beam replacements fixes weak points. Adding support and increasing the system’s load capacity equips the pier to last longer, giving it a longer serviceable life without collapse or replacement.

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ Solutions for Pier Repairs

At STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, our team works to mitigate degradation. Our dock repairs include:

  • Cathodic protection: Our GalvaJacket™ Cathodic Protection System allows us to reinforce existing structural elements while preventing further corrosion using an electrical current that requires no power supply due to the zinc mesh’s galvanic production process.
  • Pile restoration: We fill the Tstrata™ Fiberglass Jacket Timber Pile Restoration System’s rigid fiberglass form with concrete and epoxy to strengthen existing timber piles and restore their ability to support the pier.
  • Decking system reconstruction: The Tstrata™ Composite Decking System uses pre-cast and cast-in-place elements ideal for repairing and reconstructing docks within a short timeline without sacrificing durability.

Learn More About Our Dock and Pier Services

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES is dedicated to providing maintenance, repairs and design-build services that offer incredible value to our clients. Our mission is simple — we make structures stronger and last longer. With innovative products for marine structures and industry-leading expertise, we can deliver end-to-end solutions for docks and piers.

Contact the STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES team today to learn more about our pier and beam foundation repair services. You can also call us at 410-376-8577.