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The Benefits of Bridge Armor Protection for New Construction

Over the previous two decades, protecting infrastructure against threats has received careful attention. Bridges pose a unique security challenge. Their accompanying support has often been exposed, and previous structural approaches may no longer adequately withstand impact events.

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES has partnered with industry titans Hardwire and DUCON® to deliver more security and force protection during structural rehabilitation and new bridge construction.

What Is Bridge Armor Protection?

Bridge protection is an engineering and construction approach to equipping vital infrastructure with safeguards against accidental and intentional events. This armor helps mitigate cascading risks like:

  • Death and injury.
  • Structural collapses.
  • Significant financial losses.
  • Traffic delays and detours frustrating residents and adversely impacting local businesses.

As part of a comprehensive strategy, bridge armor undergoes assessment for multiple threat types focusing on the cables.

Fire Protection

When global terrorist attacks against bridges occur, fire remains the primary risk since it could be either intentional or accidental. Fire generates extreme heat and has a virtually unlimited oxygen supply, making bridges and their structural materials especially vulnerable to this threat.

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, Hardwire and DUCON® work together to devise custom blueprints to protect critical elements, such as cables and pylons, to help mitigate fire risks.

Cutting Protection

Cable cutting is a highly effective method for hastening bridge collapses. Bad actors can use mechanical or thermal tools like saws, thermal lances and torches to execute it.

In collaboration with Hardwire and DUCON®, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES ensures all bridge armor passes stringent requirements for withstanding various cutting durations, tool sizes and blade styles.

Fragmentation Protection

Blasts can produce hazardous fragmentation, while cables and hangers are vulnerable to high-caliber ballistics. These events and materials can significantly damage a bridge’s structural integrity, reinforcing the need for robust protection.

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES works with DUCON® and Hardwire to ensure cables meet precise security requirements against different projectile types, sizes and velocities.

Blast Protection

Fortunately, blast attacks against bridges have been relatively limited in frequency and damage. Yet, proactive approaches are necessary for preparation for these events in modern society.

As part of our ongoing partnership, experts from STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, DUCON® and Hardwire develop security solutions for numerous event types. Our bridge armor has excelled at protection against contact and stand-off charges like:

  • Soup ladles.
  • Diamond charges.
  • Whiskey mixers.

The Benefits of Bridge Armor Protection From STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES

Working with STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES for bridge armor protection offers the benefits of unparalleled experience from partnerships dating back to 2006. All of our bridge armor solutions draw on this combined expertise to provide stable, long-lasting protection.

As a result of our industry relationships, you’ll also enjoy:

  • Flexibility: Your bridge protection solution will be as unique as your design. Our force-protection engineers thoroughly assess structural vulnerabilities and provide customized safeguarding recommendations and materials.
  • Start-to-finish support: Experts from all three organizations collaborate to provide end-to-end project assistance. Our teams help with cable armor design, manufacture and installation.

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