Anna Pridmore, PhD.
Tucson Water has been the City of Tucson’s municipal water utility for more than 100 years. As a public water provider, Tucson Water serves approximately 710,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers within a 350-sqmile service area. The water system is comprised of 4,500 miles of
Tarek Alkhradaji, Ph.D., P.E.
FRP strengthening of existing structures can involve complex evaluation, design, and detailing processes, requiring a good understanding of the existing structural conditions along with the materials used to repair the structure prior to FRP installation. The suitability of FRP for a strengthening
Brent Anderson, P.E.
Featured in the Spring issue of Applicator, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES and PULLMAN teamed together to to investigate the water intrusion challenges, perform a root cause analysis, and determine the best repair options for the historic David Whitney Building in Downtown Detroit. Read the article to
Brent Anderson, P.E.
There are many grouting techniques promoted by manufacturers and supplies that are misleading and abused by contractors. The most successful grouting contractors have a good knowledge of chemical resistance and have good field experience in developing techniques that allow them to get low viscosity
Strengthening Solution Builders
Concrete defects are often a result of inadequate structural design, material defects or errors during construction. These types of errors can stand in the way of a facility achieving start-up or remaining operational and can equate to a significant losses in both schedule and budget.
Tarek Alkhradaji, Ph.D., P.E.
The Courthouse Square project was a unique example of communication with the client and public to win support. The extensive design-build plan consisted of structural upgrades to the building and parking garage. Proven construction techniques and technology-driven products were chosen for the
Brent Anderson, P.E.
In the design of concrete structures, where concrete slabs and walls are used as the environmental barrier, water leakage is a concern. After a leakage problem has been diagnosed, five classic approaches to an acceptable resolution can be explored.
Clyde Ellis
To help ease the congestion leaving the airport going westbound to the City of Hialeah, officials opted to construct the LeJeune Flyover, which connects LeJeune Road northbound to Okeechobee Road westbound.
Thomas R. Kline
Many times, especially in Petrochemical Facilities, plant processes must remain on-line; making asset repairs only during planned outages a wistful dream.
Thomas Kline
By definition, anchor bolts are typically a headed or threaded metal bolt or stud that is cast-in-place, grouted-in-place, or drilled into finished concrete.